The Jays Winery is the latest edition to the Jays Distillery. The Jays are situated in the quaint county of Suffolk and specialise in spirits, beers and wines created using the best in locally sourced ingredients. The winery works out of a historic town house which at its original erection was called the 'The Jays' due to amount of Jay birds that used to circle the small hamlet, this directly influenced the graphic language and visual devices used across the packaging.

There are currently three wines on offer, the Pinot Noir, a red wine packed full of flavour, created using the Accolon Suffolk grape, the Bacchus white, a wine boasting a fruity scent with fresh floral accents, created using the Suffolk Bacchus grape. And The Malpeck the latest edition to the winery's collection, a limited edition celebrating the Malbec grape aged for over 25 years delivering dark fruit flavours with notes of thyme and liquorice hand pressed in Suffolk - limited to 250 bottles.

Project: The Jays Winery
Category: Packaging, Illustration
Sector: Food & Drink
Year: 2016 - present
Collaborator: ––––
London, 2020