Unlike some other institutions, which often seek to preserve the past in aspic, the RHS looks to transform it, inviting people in to share in that transformation. By taking over existing places and spaces, they reveal the power of plants and nature to bring them alive and, in doing so, open them up for everyone to enjoy. With its rich and colourful heritage, fascinating horticultural archives and history of scientific research, the RHS aims to inform, educate and enrich all our lives, by encouraging the public to experience the wonders of nature first-hand.

Restoring the RHS to full bloom was all about bringing this sense of continual, organic transformation to life. Historical botanical illustrations overlaid with vibrant and modern imagery, crafted with textures and seasonal colours, always in motion, always growing. All of which showcases exactly how the RHS refreshes spaces from the ground up, through natural growth that continues to evolve and change, not only over time but with the seasons too.
Project: RHS
Category: Identity
Design Bridge Team:
Tim Vary
Stuart Bolt-Palmer
Holly Aurelius
Helen Hughes
Alessandro Foshcini
Collaboration: Paul Desmond
Year: 2023

London, 2020