Photolocale is a non-profit magazine which exists to champion further understanding of London’s contemporary photography scene, to provide a platform for open dialogue, and to harbour the development of new ideas.

Photolocale is not time sensitive. Rather than printing a multitude of press releases, reviews and listings– it’s taking a step back to see the bigger picture. The magazine focuses exclusively on in-depth interview features, indulging in rich conversation with those profiled and engaging readers by showcasing the irrepressible passion and creativity of the people we share this city with.

Artists featured in the magazine hold a true and distinct relationship with London’s cultural scene. They employ progressive ways of working and thinking about photography, and whilst at different stages of their careers, their inclusion is due to their unique ability to influence and inspire others.

The commentators profiled have contributed considerably to the understanding and development of contemporary photography in London. They hail from varied backgrounds to provide readers with a composite view of the city, and exemplify the best of those operating within their respective fields.

Our conversations will review how attitudes toward photography have changed, and identify key events that have acted as catalysts. With previous confines of tradition and definition constantly being challenged, we urgently need to look at the shifting parameters of photography and consider what it means to work with the medium today.

To be published Spring 2021 -

Project: Photolocale
Category: Editorial, Art Direction
Sector: Creative Arts
Year: 2017-
Collaborator: Co-founded with Laura Norman
London, 2020