Landthesia is a conceptual exploration into the convergance of light, form and sound. Capturing the natural tones of Norfolk through locally sculptued glass forming a series of photographic compositions blended with experimental soundscapes inspired by specific locations and visual data. This will be a continuosly growing body of work that documents the process.

The photography and videography captures the raw beauty of the sculpted glass each with unique embossed and formed details inspired by the nature of the surrounding landscape, whislt the individual tones and colours are formed through data captures of the area. The sound is then recorded  and manipulated to form unique soundscapes of the exact location utilising the location data to influence the pitch, key and pace of the score.

Project: Landthesia
Category: Photographic Series
Release: Artists Release
Year: 2023

LANDTHESIA  -  001  -  52.577206, 0.525791

London, 2020