Hone & Sharpen provides premium knife servicing for Britains finest chefs. Orders are placed simply on the website before the chosen knives are collected to be serviced at the Norfolk based workshop. Each blade is assessed for the specific processes needed from re-profiling the curvuture of the blade to establishing the perfect bevel angle. Through each stage of the process the finest of materials are utilised to provide the finest of finishes, utilising Kangaroo leather and Monocrystalline Diamond compounds Each blade is then checked and tested against the Brubacher Edge Sharpness Scale to ensure the knife edge is to the highest standard.

The identity captures the precision required to maintain the perfect blade through the use of the custom typography inspired by the sharp knife edge. The overall design system utilises the unique nature of each knife type through the use of their silhouettes and individual markings and texture. The damascus texture provides depth to the overall visual style celebrating the materials and textures of the process.

Project: Hone & Sharpen
Category: Identity & Brand Creation
Release: Premium Knife Services
Year: 2023

London, 2020