Offering online mentoring for graphic design students with study disrupted by Covid-19. In these difficult times no student should feel isolated, I will be volunteering my time after work hours to offer 1 on 1 mentoring in quick 15-30 minute sessions. These sessions can be to review your current projects you are working on, development of your portfolios or just a chat.

The mentoring sessions will be held via Skype daily at 6:30. There is a list below of available dates, please email with your prefered date, Skype contact details and your most recent protfolio/work to review. I will reply with further information regarding the call.

Prior to our session please have a free Skype account set-up if possible.


Wednesday 18th March - Booked
Thursday 19th March - Booked
Friday 20th March - Booked

Monday 23rd March - Booked
Tuesday 24th March - Booked
Wednesday 25th March - Booked
Thursday 26th March - Booked
Friday 27th March - Booked

Monday 30th March - Booked
Tuesday 31st March - Booked
Wednesday 1st April - Booked
Thursday 2nd April - Booked
Friday 3rd April - Booked

Monday 6th April - Booked
Tuesday 7th April - Booked
Wednesday 8th April - Booked
Thursday 9th April - Booked
Friday 10th April - Booked

Monday 13th April - Booked
Tuesday 14th April - Booked
Wednesday 15th April - Booked
Thursday 16th April - Booked
Friday 17th April - Booked

Monday 20th April - Booked
Tuesday 21st April - Booked
Wednesday 22nd April - Booked

Thursday 23rd April - Booked
Friday 24th April - Booked

Monday 27th April - Booked
Tuesday 28th April - Booked
Wednesday 29th April - Booked

Thursday 30th April - Booked
Friday 1st May - Booked

Monday 4th May - Booked
Tuesday 5th May - Booked
Wednesday 6th May - Booked

Thursday 7th May - Booked
Friday 8th May - Booked

Monday 11th May - Booked
Tuesday 12th May - Booked
Wednesday 13th May - Booked
Thursday 14th May - Booked
Friday 15th May - Booked

Monday 18th May - Booked
Tuesday 19th May - Booked
Wednesday 20th May - Booked
Thursday 21st May - Available
Friday 22nd May - Booked

Monday 25th May - Available
Tuesday 26th May - Available
Wednesday 27th May - Booked
Thursday 28th May - Available
Friday 29th May - Booked

contact me at to book
London, 2020