Giving the ‘V’ to Covid was a project set-up to provide online mentoring for students within the creative arts who suffered from their studies being disrupted by Covid-19. In those difficult times no student should feel isolated but due to the pandemic students found themselves in a. Situation that meant their progress was limited due to lectures and lessons being postponed. Working alongside Intern Magazine we formed a group of industry professionals who could provide short sessions one on one with students and offer guidance, help and simple someone to talk too.

The sessions proved incredibly invaluable and we were able to mentor and help students not just within the UK but across the world, this was a truly humbling experience and showed what a fantastic industry we work within. Most of all to see the amount of volunteers willing to offer time and pulling together to help the future talent of our industry.

Project: Giving the ‘V’ to Covid
Year: 2020
Press: Intern Magazine Article
Collaborators: Intern Magazine
London, 2020